MUSHIKAGO KEI is a device with security diagnostic and penetration test functions in addition to asset management functions. It automatically verifies and determines whether managed assets are properly secured. MUSHIKAGO KEI handles everything from asset management to security measures.

【  Futures  

Visualize security risks with easy operation

MUSHIKAGO KEI can be easily executed from a dedicated dashboard. It automatically identifies systems and applications in the connected network and automatically performs a simulated cyber-attack (penetration test) to ensure safety. Detected security risks can be viewed in real-time from the dashboard and downloaded as reports.

Extensive test contents

MUSHIKAGO KEI can test various attack methods used in cyber attacks. We also update the test content as needed to keep up with the latest cyber-attacks. Verification modes can also be selected, including a mode that verifies individual devices in detail and a mode that verifies the network on a separate segment.

Safety-assured testing is possible.

MUSHIKAGO KEI security diagnostics and pseudo-cyber-attack tests are implemented with little impact on devices and systems, as they are tested daily in a variety of demonstration environments. In addition, MUSHIKAGO KEI settings can be configured to exclude the test target and the test time, so testing can be conducted in a more secure state.

【 Case Studies 】

1.Used for system-wide security checks

MUSHIKAGO KEI was introduced to a customer who wanted to confirm the extent of damage in the event of an actual cyber-attack, in addition to routine security assessments. The penetration test performed by MUSHIKAGO KEI enabled us to check the impact of each system comprehensively and to identify areas where security measures needed to be strengthened.

2.Used to verify effectiveness of security software

MUSHIKAGO KEI was installed in the environment of a customer who wished to confirm whether the security software installed was functioning effectively, and the effectiveness of the security software was confirmed in detail.

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