MUSHIKAGO ZERO is a device that can automatically detect and manage any asset (PC, IoT device, printer, etc.) connected to the network. It eliminates the need for physical verification, allowing for more efficient and accurate asset management. It can also detect vulnerabilities (dangerous security bugs) in the detected equipment.

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Automatically detects any device simply by connecting it to the network

Connect MUSHIKAGO ZERO to the network where you want to manage assets, and it will automatically detect devices and manage assets with a simple operation. You can use MUSHIKAGO ZERO without installing any agents on the devices you want to manage.

Detailed information on assets can also be detected

MUSHIKAGO ZERO can not only identify assets, but also automatically detect information about assets (equipment information, operating service information, vulnerabilities). By identifying unnecessary service operations, it can also improve security measures. It can also detect vulnerabilities that can be the starting point of cyber-attacks, and security diagnostics (vulnerability assessments) can be performed in parallel.

【 Case studies 】

Transition from equipment management by physical verification

MUSHIKAGO ZERO was introduced to a customer who had been managing IT equipment such as PCs and printers through periodic physical inspections. This enabled them to manage their IT equipment in the most up-to-date condition at all times.

Used to manage massively deployed IoT devices

MUSHIKAGO ZERO is being used in the environment of a customer who has introduced a large number of IoT devices (sensors to acquire data) in a factory to improve operational efficiency, and is being used to efficiently manage IoT devices without human intervention.

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