MUSHIKAGO was tested at Robot Park Hiroshima (by Sanko Dengyo).

MUSHIKAGO was tested at Robot Park Hiroshima (, operated by Sanko Dengyo.

Robot Park Hiroshima is a facility where robot arms and the latest control equipment from Japan and overseas are installed for observation and verification. Many companies that have installed control systems use this facility to study the introduction of new equipment and devices.

Figure1:Verification robot arm

In this study, MUSHIKAGO was connected to the same network environment as the robot arm shown in Figure 1 to verify whether the robot arm, the control system that operates it, and peripheral devices could be correctly detected and their security risks identified.

The results of the validation allowed us to identify all control systems and associated devices present, identify the control system manufacturer, detect communications that manipulate the control system, and understand the security risks for each device.

Figure2:PLC and periferal equipments for control a robot arm

The robot arm verified in this study was controlled using a PLC, as shown in Figure 2. the use of a PLC allows the control panel to be more compact and allows smooth implementation of interlocking and data linkage with multiple devices. In this verification, we were also able to detect the protocols that the PLC communicates with.

MUSHIKAGO can of course detect such PLCs, and can also identify communications used by PLCs. In many cases, especially in organizations that operate large control system facilities, it is not possible to correctly identify the systems and devices that exist. MUSHIKAGO can correctly detect the devices that exist, as shown in Figure 3, and can also be used as a device visualization.

Figure3:MUSHIKAGO visualization function

We will continue to test MUSHIKAGO for security in various environments and develop it daily as a product that can combat threatening cyber attacks. We also offer a free trial of MUSHIKAGO, so if you are interested, please contact us through the inquiry form.

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